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Story by The Youth Development Committee

The Youth Development Committee, led by BPM Brother Hasson Diggs, is off to an incredible start!  Despite just being formed in December 2013, the committee already has more than a dozen members, standing weekly meetings, has defined goals and has already created multiple press releases.

The Youth Development Committee is focused on implementing youth based programs and partnerships in support of the mission of BPM.  YDC strives to create programs and partnerships (i.e., with Schools, Business, Professional/Civic Organizations, Fraternities, and the General Public) that target, build, and promote the youth in the community.

The YDC has several initiatives planned for 2014 and is looking for organizations that share BPM’s values.  Brother Diggs believes that partnering with other organizations is an integral part of the future success stories that are written at BPM.  Brother Diggs further believes that through partnerships, BPM can make a mark on the lives of the youth in the community.  BPM hopes that you will join us as we continue to “light the torch” and inspire our youth to greatness throughout this exciting year.

Youth Development Committee 2014 Goals:

o   Launch “Men Reading to Our Children” program 1st quarter 2014

o   Recruit Committee Members during 1st quarter 2014

o   Evaluate fundraising ideas to fund the mentoring program in the 1st quarter of 2014

o   Initiate development for mentoring program during 2nd quarter 2014

o   Conduct mentoring program pilot during 3rd quarter 2014

o   Launch mentoring program during 4th quarter 2014

Brother Hasson Diggs has shown extraordinary leadership and he is commended for his efforts.  Stay tuned for updates on this committee and upcoming Press Releases.




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