Name: Teddy Coates

BPM Member Since: 1999

Current BPM Position: President of BPM
The BPM President performs all duties incident to the office of a corporation and such other duties as may from time to time to be assigned to him by the Board of Directors. The President shall serve as an ex‑officio member of all standing and ad hoc committees.

Current & Past BPM Committees, Awards, and Programs: 2000 BPM Rookie of the Year, 2003 & 2005 BPM Man of The Year, Vice President, Membership Committee, Youth Development Committee, Inducted & Included in the 2010 Inaugural Edition of ‘Who’s Who in Black Baltimore’, Co-Founder of The Greater Baltimore Leadership Association (GBLA)

Profession/Title: AVP, Banking Center Manager II

Additional Professional Info: I lead and support a highly qualified team of financial professionals within the Washington Blvd Banking Center of Bank of America. We are dedicated in helping our customer with a full range of financial products, services, and solutions.  Creating banking, retirement planning, home ownership/refinancing, business accounts/services and solutions and much more.

Company’s Website:

Contact Email:

Contact Number: 4106447176



Teddy is a Baltimore native who is passionate about helping people and worthy causes. He willingly gives of his time, delivers sound financial service guidance, and uses his unique abilities to help people, organizations, and businesses plan and execute positive change and impact.


Teddy feels blessed in so many ways and embraces the passage, ‘To whom much is given much is required.’

Teddy proudly served his country for 3 years in the United States Navy. He has spent the past 23 years in the financial service field which included 9 years with SunTrust Bank, 5 years with Merrill Lynch as a Financial Advisor, and then 3 years with Newport Shores as a Mortgage Broker. Currently, he is serving as the Manager for the Washington Boulevard Banking Center of Bank of America, located in South West Baltimore.


Teddy has consistently performed community related volunteer work. He help co-found the Greater Baltimore Leadership Association which is the Young Professional Auxiliary of The Greater Baltimore Urban League. Currently, he serves as the President of Black Professional Men, Inc. – a non-profit mentoring organization that is dedicated to ‘Ensuring the Future of the African American Male’.


Teddy has been consistently recognized for his works and has received numerous awards. Most recently, Teddy was inducted and included in the 2010 Inaugural Edition of ‘Who’s Who in Black Baltimore’.


He has served on numerous boards such as ‘Echo-House Multi Service Center’, a substance abuse intervention organization and ‘A Step Forward’, an organization providing counseling and transitional housing. He was a key member of the Maryland United Way Fund Allocation panel. As if this wasn’t enough, for 20 years, he served as the President for Coates Unlimited…..which is his family’s unity and scholarship organization. He also has been recently selected as a Foundation Board Member for his Alumni, Baltimore Polytechnic Institute.


Teddy currently resides in Owings Mills, Maryland and is blessed to have four children, Teddy Coates II, Brandy Coates, Jasmine Coates, and Caleb Coates.


Finally, Teddy shares this message of gratefulness…“I give all that I am through the blessing and grace of God. I thank, my mother, my family, and those key people along the way who gave me a solid foundation and the blue print of how and what a man should be. I am constantly looking for ways to improve myself, those around me, and the communities that I serve.”

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