Name: Rod Carter

BPM Member Since: 1991

Current BPM Positions: Vice President of BPM and Scholarship Committee Chairman
As BPM Vice President, Rod performs such duties that may be delegated or assigned to him by the President or the Body. As Scholarship Chairman, Rod manages the criteria setting, evaluation, and award distribution process for BPM scholarship awards. In addition, Rod and his committe are responsible for monitoring and reporting the progress on scholarship recipients to the BPM General Body, and also mentoring the scholarship recipients throughout their college years via internships and other private scholarships.

Current & Past BPM Committees, Awards, and Programs: BPM Man of The Year, Vice President, Membership Committee, Scholarship Committe

Additional Professional Information: Rod is considered a social entrepreneur. He has over 20 years as an advocate for youth as a College Access Specialist. As Vice President of Black Professional Men Inc., and c/o chair of Scholarships, the organization has developed a “brand” since 2003 of mentoring and developing  a successful scholarship program  that is second to none. The program’s game plan is not just giving money to  young African males to further his secondary education but to maximize a young student potential and skills during his first year transition to college.


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