Name: Rickey WIlliams

Current BPM Position: Comptroller of BPM
The Comptroller is responsible for the collection and reconciliation of all bank statements on a monthly basis. He issues continuing reports on the fiscal status of the organization each month and is responsible for the maintenance of these records. He serves as the comptroller of the organization’s funds and issues periodic income and expense statements (ex. QuickBooks) in accordance with acceptance standards. He provides all documentation in a timely manner for the preparation of BPM taxes.

BPM Member Since: 2007

Current BPM Position: Comptroller

Current & Past BPM Committees, Awards, and Programs: Comptroller, 2008 BPM Rookie of the Year

Profession/Title: Information Technology Auditing, Information Security Assessment of Technology platforms, Data Analysis

President – Williams IT Audit Consultants L.L.C. (WIT)

WIT is MBE Certified in the State of Maryland

Additional Professional Info: WIT provides comprehensive Technology Audit and Information Security assessments to companies in both private industry and the government sector.  In addition to reviews of critical applications, WIT also reviews operating systems, network infrastructure components and performs data analytics. Our company has a proven track record of providing value added services which ensure that risk exposures which could impact critical operations are identified and addressed. 

Professional Certifications: Certified Information Systems Auditor, Certified Public Accountant, Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist

Company’s Website:

Contact Email: rickey.williams@witconsultants/com

 Contact Number: 410-523-6939



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