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Each year, during the Rays of Hope Scholarship Breakfast, BPM recognizes leaders in Baltimore for their work to positively affect the community.  Here is our list of Awardees.

Al Sweets Business/ STEM
Nick Mosby Government
Johnnie L. Foreman, Jr. Education
Wes Moore Organization
Lenny Moore Legacy/ Athletics
James  Hamlin Business
Doni Glover Communications
Leon Purnell Organization/ Health
Rev. Marlon Tilghman Religion
Ted Imes, Sr. STEM
Dr. A. Skipp Sanders Education
Larry Gibson, Esquire Legacy/ Law
Laurence Campbell Community Development/Outreach
Karl-Henri Gauvin Law
Ron Curry Technology
Steven Jones Technology
Dr. Thomas LaVeist Medicine/Health
Bluford Drew Jemison Organization/School
Joseph Haskins Jr. Business
Dr. Harold Carter Religion/Legacy
Marvin (Doc) Cheatham, Sr Community Service
Dr. Donte Hickman Religion
Brian Scriven Education
Darryl Stokes Engineering
Hon David Young Law
James Britton Business
William Garrett P.T. Health
GBLA Organization
Charles Robinson III Communication
Antonio Freeman Athletics
Dr. Cyril O. Byron Sr. Legacy
Dr. Joe Hairston Education
Edwin Avent Business
Tyrone Taborn Engineering
Dr. Kenneth Robinson II Religion
Glennard S. Middleton, Sr. Citizenship
Selwyn I. Ray,  J.D. Community Service
Ray Lucas Non-profit Organization
Mr. Kenneth Abrams Community Service
Dr. Carnell Cooper Medicine
Elder Lee Michaels Religion
The Honorable Judge   Reggie  Walton Government
Mr. Douglas Handy Education
Mr. Dean Harrison Business
Franklin Lee Law
Reverend Charles Baugh Religion
Dr. S. Keith Hargrove Education
Robert Wallace Business
Mitchell Henderson Community Service
General Lester T. Lyles Science / Technology
The Honorable  Robert T. Bell Government
Micheal  A. Brown Sr. Community Service
LaRian  Finney Busi Business
James  Griffin Medi Medicine
Dr. Victor  McCrary Engineering Science
Pastor  Marshall    Prentice Religion
Hubert ‘Bert” Simmons Athletics
Dr. John Wheatland Education
George W. Collins Communications
The Honorable  Clarence “Tiger” Davis Government
Darryl  Green Community Service
Donald Hill-Eley Athletics
Victor C. March Business
Rev. Medgar Reid Religion
Dr. James E. West Engineering
Dr. Kelvin Wiley Medicine
Kenneth  N. Harris Sr. Government
Dr. Gentry McDonald Jr. Business
Dr. Cecil Conteen Gray Religion
Dr. James Wood Medicine
G. I. Johnson Community Service
Pete Pompey Athletics
Tyrone Powers, PH.D Education
Lt. Governor Micheal  Steele  Government
Garland Williamson Business
Dr. Hoffman Brown III  Religion
Dr. Lenneal  J. Henderson Education
Dr. Pierre Vigilance Medicine
Dwight S. Warren Community Service
George  L. Russell Esq.  Lifetime Achievement
William  Jews  Health
David  Miller Education
Lamar Shields Education
Stanley Tucker Business
Sitawi  Jahri Community Service
Rev. P. M. Smith Religion
Robert Hopkins Education
Ralph  Moore Comunity Service
Rev. David Blow Religion
Alonzo Brown Business
James Gaylord Business
Delegate Talmadge Branch Government
Dr. Earl  Richardson Education
Willie Adams Business
Hakim Farrakhan Health
Richard Rowe Community Service
Rev. Jamal H. Bryant Religion
Senator Clarence Blount Government
Dr. Richard  McKinney Education
Dr. Andre Bundley Education
Paige Davis Business
Dr. Donald Wilson Medicine
Rev. Dr. Walter S, Thomas Religion
K.C. Burton Community Service
Mr. Richard Dixon Government
Joseph Smith  Co Community Service
Nathan Chapman Business
Congressman Elijah Cummings Government
Dr. Freeman Hrabrowski Education
Lydell  Mitchell Business
Dr. Frank M. Reid III Religion
Coach Fang  Mitchell Athletics
Lavan  Hawkins Business
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