You and your partner love each other, but with your busy lives, who has time to plan something special? So you end up watching TV together or going out to yet another restaurant or movie. But deep inside you know that you want more—more passion, more ideas, and more fun! That’s why we created Power Couples!

Power Couples is a Quarterly Event for couples that’s both educational and fun! In a lighthearted environment, you will mingle with other like-minded couples and enjoy fun activities that support authentic communication, build spontaneity, and deepen intimacy.

Power Couples will consist of 4 events yearly. One meetup per quarter for 3 quarters and 1 yearly Couple’s Retreat.

The Ask – Each Power Couple would be asked to fundraise $1,000 in support of BPM scholarships and Power Couples events; The Power Couple would have a 12-month timeframe to do so

Fundraising options:

  • Secure sponsors and vendors
  • Host events and functions
  • Sell tickets to Eat Black Baltimore and/or Ray of Hope Scholarship Dinner
  • Submit fundraising ideas

Black Professional Men in collaboration with Reginald & Hennither Gant (#GodFamBiz) have agreed to come together and provide a platform, space, and activities for like-minded couples to gather, build, and bond. In today’s society, couples are hard pressed to form the right friendships and relationships, so we are here to fill in that void.

What’s in it for me as a Power Couple?

  • Membership to Black Professional Men, Inc.
  • The ability to provide scholarships to deserving African-American males
  • Access to the BPM network and resources
  • Personal and professional relationship opportunities
  • Education, empowerment and engagement with other like-minded couples

What’s in it for BPM?

  • Financial scholarship support from the power couples and their network
  • Mission support received from the power couples to continue the good work of BPM
  • Community Engagement – empowering families and couples
  • Building up black families and communities
  • Existing BPM members can participate in Power Couples with their spouse or significant other and not always be away from them in support of BPM events
  • Networking and collaboration
  • Increased awareness of the organization

What does Power Couples look like?

Each quarterly event will be a live meetup at a predetermined location. Couples can expect:

  • Open dialogue and communication
  • Safe and supportive environment
  • Information sharing
  • Education and empowerment
  • Skits & Role Playing
  • Lots of fun
  • Meaningful connections

Sponsored by GODFAMBIZ

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