Brunch for our Brothers: A Mentoring Session

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This three hour mentoring experience will be designed to encompass personal enrichment tools, exchange healthy, informative and direct dialogue on the social issues that plague our African American males. These sessions are intended to educate the mentees on various topics and create strategic thinking and planning as a part of their development.

Partnering with mentoring programs that are already established in the community, we will provide another platform  to engage with community leaders and provide them with tools to empower them to migrant through a myriad of issues. While breaking bread with their peers, mentors and other positive forces in our community.

There will be 10 young men, and 10 men partnered up at the table top discussion session. Food is served at the beginning. To begin there will be introductions, name, age, school, and interesting fact about themselves. Next, the facilitator will kick off the discussion. Topics will include but not limited to time management, study habits, self care, single parent home, domestic responsibilities, cooking, physical health, police, drugs, sex, anger management. The table is for open discussion, the boys are included in the conversation, they are not be talked at. There will be time for one on one engagement. The conversation should flow organically, however it is important for the men to keep the boys focused. If a young man begins to go on a tangent be sure to bring him back. This should mimic a “working lunch” the food will be broken down at 11am.

Before the next session a questionnaire will be given to the boys to get a better understanding of their need sand the topics that need to be addressed.

Men participating in this program should be comfortable talking to youth.

There will be a scheduled fun activity, as well as community service activity to follow. The purpose being to keep the engagement between youth and mentor. The brunch will be held quarterly.

Time: 10am to 1pm [brunch served from 10am to 11am]


June 8 2019
Sept 14 2019
Nov 9 2019

To have your youth participate in this program, please contact BPM’s Partner I AM MENtality:

This program is the vision of Catina ‘Cat Chef’ Smith Founder of Culinary Socialite.

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