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Executive Team

Teddy Coates, President

Rod Carter, Vice President

Ricky Williams, Comptroller

Kenneth W Morris, Treasurer

O’Neill McDaniel’s Jr, Secretary



Fitzhugh Alford

Edwin Avent

Kareem Bailey

James Brown

William Dash

Gerald Davis

David Edwards, Jr.

Bruce Dorsey

William Garrett

Antony Gross

Jim Hamlin

Will Harris

Drew Hawkins

Mike Holloway

Will Holmes

Franklin Lee

William McIntyre ll

R. Anthony Mills

Kim Moir

Paz Morris

Brian Olds

Kwe Parker

Andre Purnell

N. Scott Phillips

Kyle Skinner

Samuel Stackhouse

James Stevens

Kendrick Tilghman

Marlon Tilghman, Pastor

Stephen Trye

Quadre’ Washington

Rod Womack

Floyd Wright

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