BPM Members serve as mentors and as role models for young African-American men in the Baltimore metro region. Members are active in other mentoring programs, facilitate speaking engagements across the state, and serve on non-profit boards aimed at helping develop the African-American community. We attempt to instill a sense of pride in our mentees to be strong African-American men. We work to make positive changes in our community through mentorship, community service, scholarships, and fundraising events.

We invite you to view our Member profiles.  If you are looking for professional services, please consider a member of BPM.  Our members are Baltimore’s best of the professional community.



Hasson Diggs, President

Vacant, Vice President of Operations

Kendrick Tilghman, Vice President of Programs

Joseph Tubman, Comptroller

Rashad Holloway, Treasurer

Louis Monk, Secretary



Edwin Avent

W. Drew Hawkins

N. Scott Phillips


Pastor Marlon Tilghman, Chaplain

Shadeed Eleazer, Membership Chairman



Akins Mike
Albert Quaye
Alex Green
Anthony Pitts
Anthony Burrell
Antonio Dildy
Brian Bordley
Brian Olds
Calvin Watkins
Carl Edgecombe
Chris Thames
Christopher Cain
Collins Akintade
Cornell Smith
Damion Jackson
Darius Gissentaner
Darren Rogers
Dominique Richardson
Donald Parker
Donyae Dukes
Edwin Gaston
Edwin Avent
Elijah Walker
Elijah Best
Ellis Dawson
Eric Hodges Jr
Eric Eure
Everett J Smith
Felix Buchanan Sr
Fitzhugh Alford
Francis Coffie
Frank Turner
Gary Bess
Gerald Wilson
Gerome Dixon
Greg Carey
Gregory Adams
Gregory Dunlap
Howard Perkins
Inyima Ojiabo
Isaiah Lewis
Ishmel Fulton
James Stevens
Jason Harvey
Jibreel Garner
John Leach
John Harris
John Waller
John Crew, Jr
Johnson Toe
Karl Hunt
Kenneth Morris
Kerron Duncan
Kevin Vance
Kublai Duhart
Lance Mccoy
Lawrence Lewis Jr.
Lee Session
Leon Leon Bridges
Leroy Mckenzie Jr.
Louis Monk
Major Cameron
Marcell Russell
Marcus Scott
Mark Mcfadden
Mark Strand
Mark Samuel, MBA
Maurice Haynes-Gatling
Maurice Walton
Dr. Melvin Butler
Melvin Willingham
Michael Harrison Jr
Nathaniel Albea
Nigel-Ray Garcia
O’Neill Mcdaniels Jr.
Otis Eldridge
Paul Johnson
Rahman Omar
Rashad Holloway
Ray White
Raymond Lucas
Reginald Gant
Ricky Williams
Ricky Smith
Robert Street
Robin Jones
Rodney Carr
Rodney Burris
Sean Turner
Sean Dean
Steven Belcher
Ted Imes
Teddy Coates
Theodore Hunter
Timothy Summerville Jr
Tony Hewlett
Travis Bell
Troy Mobley
Von Key
Wilbert White
William Garrett
Willie Smith, PMP
Willie Simmons


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