BPM is proud to announce a dynamic initiative to expose the impact of black men in our community. BPM is partnering with the community of Metro Baltimore to answer the challenge of increasing the presence and availability of Black Role Models, Teachers, and Mentors. As an organization made up of black men, we are aware of the impact of black men in our own communities. However, the narrative that is painted may not reflect our positive impact in our community. In addition, we understand there are some men that have been searching for a platform of positive men that act and feel the same way as they do and this is that platform. BPM is not here to reinvent anything new, but we will bring attention to the many great things our men are doing in the community. In most cases, our men are too busy working to showcase their actions to the public. This initiative is designed to bridge the gap from the seasoned generation, with a wealth of experience, to the younger generations to help them avoid unnecessary challenges.

Black Men’s Challenge – How does it work?

BPM is challenging Black Male adults to donate $20 towards our youth program and a minimum of 20 hours of their time per year in exchange for incentive packages that will benefit their career and professional development through access to the BPM Business Network.

The Donation:

  • 50% of your donation will go towards our ‘Billion Word Challenge’ and fund a youth for a year of unlimited books, tracking of progress, and potential to strengthen the mind.
  • 50% will go towards our efforts to ensure the future of our community.

Community Service Hours:

BPM is using an app to track the community service hours of our members and supporters. The goal for the community is to provide 25,000 hours of community service hours.  This goal will begin on September 1, 2018 and run through August 31, 2019. Every year thereafter, it will begin again even during leadership transitions. The recommended individual goal is 20 hours and the breakdown of the categories are below:

  • Community Enrichment – Minimum of 10 hours
    • Any volunteer activity that impacts the community
  • Personal/Professional development – Minimum of 5 to 8 hours
    • It is critical that our men understand that building themselves up is also building our community up. Any activity that allows a man to increase his knowledge and/or experience can be used.
  • Mentoring of another member – Minimum of 2 to 5 hours
    • Any one-on-one activity with another black male that results in that black man gaining knowledge and/or experience can be used.

Getting Started:

All interested men will need to sign up to join our community service hour tracking app to login and track their time.

Black Men’s Challenge Incentive Program:

As a participant in the Black Men’s Challenge and as your hours of involvement increase, so does your access to various beneficial services and discounts. The following services are available to volunteers and range from Personal Development to Business Resources and Services:

Volunteers who meet the minimum requirement of 20 hours receive:

  • (1) event planning checklist
  • (1) product service description worksheet
  • (1) $300 restaurant certificate

     Volunteers with 20 – 35 volunteer hours accrued within a calendar year receive:

  • Free social media audits for (1) business or personnel brand
  • Access to free online training on gaining business and event sponsorship
  • A 3-night hotel stay

Volunteers with 38-50 hours or more volunteer hours receive:

  • $25 off of a Linkedln.com Profile Audit for Serious Professionals
  • $10 off for a Website Audit for (1) Business or Personal Brand
  • Complimentary 20-minute Personal Development Strategy call with Shadeed Eleazer
  • 2 Night Bahamas Cruise
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