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Billion Word ChallengeWe have a lofty goal of changing the lives of youth through reading. One author pens this quote “Reading is to the mind what exercise is the body”, and we believe this to be true. We have decided to endeavor towards the one Billion Word Challenge, which is a national initiative centered in getting over ten thousand youth to participate in our reading program, and reading over one hundred thousand words. This program provides developing scholars with endless opportunities to read, listen and hear dramatized version of books. The software provided is an award winner software that engages not only youth, but their families in the cause of reading. Do you read for fun, pleasure, relaxation or to elevate your mind? In either case you will be covered. The greatest part is that the reading program is only $10 per year for unlimited usage, book, tracking of progress, and potential to strengthen the mind. We hope your will participate in our efforts to build the next generations leaders, who must be readers. Join the Billion Word Challenge!!!

Black Professional Men Supports I am MENtality.

After you sign up for the program, our team will reach out to you to provide you the information needed to get started. Happy reading.

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